If you're looking for a solution to guarding against debris in your pool, consider investing in an automatic pool enclosure. These kits include a water-resistant surface that develops on its own and is more resistant to damage than a traditional vinyl liner.

The Purpose of an Automatic Pool Enclosure

An automatic pool enclosures and sunrooms are a great way to keep your pool clean and safe while you're away. These enclosures automatically close and lock when the water level reaches a preset level, preventing children or pets from entering the pool. They're also perfect for keeping your pool area clear during parties or other events.

Installing an Automatic Pool Enclosure

These enclosures are designed to keep your pool clean and free from debris while you are not using it. They also keep your pool safe from children and pets. 

How automatic pool enclosures work:

An automatic pool enclosure is a type of fence that surrounds your swimming pool. It is made up of panels that open and close automatically. This prevents debris from entering the swimming pool and keeps children and pets out. The enclosure can be raised or lowered as needed, so it fits any size swimming pool. 

The benefits of installing an automatic pool enclosure:

There are many benefits to installing an automatic pool enclosure. First, it keeps your swimming pool clean and free from debris. This is important because it prevents bacteria from growing in the water. It also keeps your pool safe from children and pets. If your child falls into the swimmingpool and gets wet, they will not be able to spread any bacteria to other parts of the house.

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