Packaging inventory constitute a large number of shipping supplies. In general, packaging supplies include boxes, bags, bubble wrap, edge protectors, envelopes, and mailers. Various types of boxes are the most commonly used packing supplies. Boxes are used for various purposes and on different occasions.

Thus, they can vary in making, type, and size. Wavy boxes, mailers, slide loaders and bulk cargo containers are the most common among them. Corrugated mailer boxes are also one of unique custom shipping supplies. Double walls, heavy duty boxes, storage places, computer boxes, and storage boxes include a widely used depository.

Space is a matter of worries on the ships, and packing inventory is intended for optimal space utilization. Boxes are available in various sizes and forms to serve this need. Envelopes and mailers are packing supplies that are widely used. The mailer includes a bubble mailer, poly, rigid mailer, and wavy mailer.

At present, vinyl envelopes are used extensively for packing. Bubble Wraps ensure the safety of fragile goods. Bubble wraps commonly used include bubble rolls, bubble bags, bubble dispenser boxes, and bubble masks. Various types of labels, including letter labels, label lasers, custom-print labels, barcode labels, magnetic labels, and vinyl warehouse labels are available.

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