Most people experience a period of stress at some point in their life, be it from work, personal life, health problems, or other external factors. While this is unavoidable, a simple sustainability questionnaire can help you figure out how someone is likely to react to this situation and how you, as the employer, can help them.

The psychological resilience of employees should be at the top of the list of priorities for any company. You can also check for the best resilience courses via the web.


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Every manager is aware of the fact that everyone is different and while it may be difficult for some members of your team, others may require a more sensitive approach. 

When employees are not good at conveying their feelings, it can be difficult to understand which category each person belongs to. When this information is available without having to ask awkward questions, the employer can deal with the employee appropriately in a situation.

Asking employees to fill out a sustainability questionnaire will show how well they will adapt to challenges, failures, pressures, and change – things that most people will likely face in their lives. Research shows that someone who exhibits a high level of mental resilience is likely to come out the other side with much more positive results.

The ability to get an idea of a person's psychological resilience is very valuable for a company. This is a rare way to find out how optimistic, adaptable, emotional, and goal-oriented a person is.

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