An arcade gaming area is a great way for your business to increase dwell time and provide customers with a memorable experience that will encourage replay and return visits.

If you have the right game mix, a game room can become the most lucrative part of your business. There are many options available, including skeeball, pinball or ICE Ball Pro from AlleyRollers.

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There are many arcade games available today. No two rooms will ever be the same. Many rooms are filled with virtual reality, while others recreate classic arcade games using skee-ball or pac-man. You will get repeat customers by adding the games you don't have or omitting.

If you're interested in adding arcade machines to your business, it is a good idea to thoroughly research the machines and games available. You can help your customers decide which option is best for them by carefully analyzing the missing or under-equipped sections.

One of the most well-known type is:


Arcade Video Games include driving games, fighting games, and are meant to be played for fun, competition and high scores. There are no prizes or tickets. These games were traditionally coin-operated. However, most are now available with card readers.

Some of the video game types: Premium, Air Hockey/Competitive Driving, Shooting and Fighting, Simulators, pinball.

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