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Techniques about to find a number of photography products tents :

1. Took a small cardboard box, cut side, and taped several white printer papers to diffuse the flash coming from both sides.

2. Taped two sheets of printer paper together to make a long strip of paper. Next, I attached one end to the wall above the back of the box and let the lower end of the curtain paper toward the front of the box, creating a nice smooth curved background.

3. Set the two lights on either side of the box and come exposures on the camera slightly to make the background a little broken so it would appear "unlimited".

4. Experimented a bit with different exposures to get it out and look right with a lot of detail. This will vary depending on the camera, lens, and the amount of light. I do not have any diffusion for the camera flash so I improvised with the little folded bubble wrap that raises the level of these ghettoes from about 8 to about 11, but it works.

5. The images to aperture and do a few levels and enhancements to make the lens pop out of the background. Bright white background to the point that you could not see any detail that seems infinite, which really helps provide professional shots "catalog" view.

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