As funeral professionals, we too often look past the potential value that many of our everyday products and services provide. Take funeral memorial cards, for example.

These personalized, printed cards are a staple for most funeral services. Memorial cards in Dublin are a standard way for families to share details about their loved one’s order of service and honor the life of someone who meant so much to them. 

1. Choose A Theme That Represents The Loved One

Every person has a passion that drives them through life perhaps it’s a lifelong commitment to teaching, a career as a firefighter, or passionate love of the outdoors. 

To help put this passion at the front and center of all of your memorial prints, There are over 60 custom themes that you can choose from when it comes to designing the perfect memorial card for the families that you serve. 

2. Create A Special Photo Collage

One photo is simply not enough when it comes to representing a lifetime of memories, stories, and unforgettable moments. So why should you be limited to only one photo on your funeral memorial cards?

You have the option to add as many photos as you would like, to both the front and back of your memorial cards. 

3. Include A Favorite Quote, Poem, or Song Lyric

Photos are not the only meaningful memento that we cherish after a loved one passes. We also turn to all of the powerful, inspiring texts that they held dear throughout their life. For example, a favorite song, a special poem, or even a memorable quote that they would always say. Incorporating these texts or phrases into a loved one’s final send-off can be a small, yet inspiring reminder of their personality and interests.

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